Simple Tips for Holiday Allergy Relief

Talk Turkey

To ensure a happy holiday for everyone, communication is key. Ask loved ones about any precautions you can take before they arrive to help reduce allergens in your home and make their stay more comfortable.

Asking a few simple questions before heading to seasonal gatherings can help you avoid allergy triggers. For example: Where will I be sleeping? Do you have an air filter I can use? Do you have any pets? Can you keep Rufus out of the room I’ll be sleeping in before I arrive to avoid pet dander buildup?

Dash Away Dust Mites

To help you and your allergy-suffering loved ones, thoroughly dust all bedrooms using a damp cloth (a dry one can stir up dust), wash bedding in hot water (at least 60°C) and use allergen barrier bedding.

No matter how clean your host’s home or hotel room is, you might be joined by some microscopic holiday guests. To help keep dust mites at bay, pack an allergen barrier pillow case. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask if they have allergy-friendly rooms.

Dodge Pet Dander

You can help ease pet allergies for you and your guests by sweeping floors and vacuuming carpets. And, if your loved ones are spending the night, be sure to keep furry family members out of the guestroom before they arrive.

If your host has pets, try to avoid contact as much as possible. Make sure your coat gets hung up in the closet rather than laid on a bed where pets may settle down for a long nap.

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Pet dander, dust mites , pollen and mould spores are likely racking up some frequent flyer miles with you. In fact, one study showed the most common cat allergen was detected in 100 percent of sampled airplane seats on domestic flights.1 To help reduce your exposure to pesky allergens that may have hitched a ride with you or other passengers, wipe down your tray table, arm rests and window area of your airplane seat with cleansing wipes and toss them in a sealable bag.

Deck the (Allergy-Friendly!) Halls

Fresh trees, wreaths and boughs look and smell festive, but they may also harbour microscopic mould spores that can trigger seasonal sniffles. If you don’t want to settle for the fake stuff, hose down your greenery before bringing it inside to help reduce spores.

Artificial greenery and other decorations can collect dust and mould while stuffed away all year in the garage or attic. To help avoid these allergens, store your holiday decorations in sealed, plastic containers. And avoid using cardboard boxes as they hold onto moisture and are a holiday haven for mould.

Mind Your Meds

Keep some Claratyne® on hand in case your allergy symptoms strike or your guests forget their medication.

Take your allergy medication along and bring a few extra doses in case your trip is delayed. Be sure to pack your meds in your carryon or purse, so they’re handy when symptoms strike.


  1. Martin IR, Wickens K, Patchett K, et al. Cat allergen levels in public places in New Zealand. N Z Med J. 1998;111(1074):356-358.