Claratyne is on a mission to get kids outside...

Spending time outside is essential to children’s physical and mental wellbeing. Benefiting their mood, feelings of satisfaction and much more. Yet, 89% of kids prefer to spend time inside1.

At Claratyne, we are on a mission to get one million Australian children and their families to spend just one more hour a week outside for better health and wellbeing.

The Outsideologist Project provides you and your children with fun and exciting opportunities to get outside, enjoying nature and learning at the same time. We have created simple and easy to follow activities that complement your child’s learning without you having to pick up the school books. Ensuring your children soak up the benefits of the outdoors and learn whilst they are doing it. A win for everyone! Join us as we take homework outside.

1. Vice Research 20221, N=518, Age 14-24, Australia

Outsideologist Activities

Claratyne is creating step by step, easy to follow learning activities that complement traditional desk-based homework, allowing your children to soak up the outdoors whilst still learning.

Our Research Findings

We asked Aussie parent’s about their opinions towards their children’s play and learning habits, comparing inside and outside activities. This is what they had to say and further supports why we created The Outsideologist Project2.

IG Story Lesson 7 Science Carrots F1

2. Researchify 'The Outsideologist Project 2021' Survey. Survey of 1,028 Australian parents of children aged 5-10 years