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New Allergy Management Kit - Allergy relief and prevention treatments

Australia’s key allergy brands Nasonex Allergy & Claratyne are joining forces. New Allergy Management Kit provides dual action relief by combining the benefits of Claratyne®, an antihistamine tablet for fast symptom relief, and Nasonex® Allergy spray, for the ongoing treatment and prevention of hayfever and allergies.

► Dual action relief
► 24 hour, non-drowsy relief
► Claratyne provides fast acting relief
► Nasonex Allergy for long lasting treatment & prevention
► Suitable from 12 years
► Kit contains Claratyne 10s & Nasonex Allergy 140 spray
Allergy Management Kit


To find out if the Allergy Management Kit is right for you & for more information visit our sister site – Nasonex Allergy

New Allergy Management Kit


Still suffering from allergy symptoms, try new Allergy Management Kit for dual action

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